(Photo credit: Henrik Söderström)

On “Unbreak My Bones,” the Swedish duo of Ease, comprised of Niclas Anderstedt Lindgren and Siri Jennefelt, create a dense atmosphere that feels like a race against time. They open the track with a deep underground feel where you can sense the walls are closing in. Then, light.

It’s a bright light, a Baroque synth shining down, which allows you to see an alternate escape. The ground may be shaking, but there’s a chance to make it through.

This is accompanied by vocals that aim for the loftiest of heights. It’s a voice to be followed, but it’s just far enough ahead that you can’t quite make out what you’re following. But you trust this spectral, this euphonious phantom as it guides you through the terrain. As “Unbreak My Bones” reaches a feverish climax, the intensity amplifies. Then, silence.

Ease will be releasing their second EP, Let it Burn, Let it Die, this fall.