The production on “Balcony (Lost it),” which is provided by Timian and Frank Dukes, creeps in as it crawls with a melancholy that is desperately trying to be fought off. You eventually come face-to-face with this, and the words about situations that seem to only become more burdensome, regardless of how hard the antagonist works to fight the feelings off, flow from Dynesti Williams.

“Balcony (Lost It)” has quiet builds that lead to snares offering a quick snap before pulling itself back into the shadows. You hear Williams say “I’m done” – so simple, but absolutely poignant in its meaning and ability to convey so much.

Inhaling and exhaling, the synth and beat work has a pressure tied to it, suffocating as it fights against the uncontrollable. Hooks and backing vocals place you right into a scene where you find yourself feeling the urgency and panic of this situation. Then… an ending like a heartbeat slowly fighting.

As for the video, it was created to raise awareness for mental health and dedicated to suicide prevention. The stories that lie within are various movements of artistic expression – spontaneous dancing, isolation in an apartment where it seems like nothing can go right, and the choreographed piece. Directed by Williams, there are interspersed shots of her in front of a black screen delivering striking contrasts that only heighten the hypnotic intensity of the other performances. Prepare to be taken in.