(Photo credit: Bengt Rahm)

Voyagers, the long-awaited debut album from Djustin is coming. It’ll be out May 5th, and the first single from it throws every weight imaginable off it as it lures you out to the vinyl floor.

Echoing claps usher in a definite house feel that keeps it on the lighter side. “Dancing” has a little bit of an Afro-beat caress, and the Rose Suau’s lyrics hold no position of falsehood about them. Both parties involved know exactly why they’re present in her words – no reason to be subtle, just hit the floor, and do your thing.

At times the drums can be a little disorienting, but they’re balanced by synth lighting the pathway. “Dancing” isn’t exactly pulsing, but you get a light show that creates a stop-motion sensory experience. It goes beyond the neon spectacle though, pulling you closer with the vocal tones of Rose.

So why not stretch this a little bit and apply it to one’s life? Why not make your life more about dancing? Burn up your own personal floor. Just get out there, and own it.