When you hear the music of DEEREST, the project of Stockholm-based Linneá Talp, you can see skin begin to form on a skeleton. There’s an artistry and exactness present in the stark minimalism that is ever-present in her latest EP XX (out this coming spring). To find out more about what has gone into Talp’s work, we reached out to the artist, who was kind enough to oblige our request to know more about her and her craft.

Before we get too into things, what’s the background with you as a musician and the DEEREST? Are there any moments where you can think, “Ah yes, this lead me to create?”

Combined with a lack of adaptation, I’ve always wanted to create things. I have been dreaming about writing music since I was very young, but it has been a slow process for me. I think I was in my twenties when I first started. And DEEREST is a result of that.

My background as a musician began quite early I think, I started to play cello when I was a kid. And my mother wanted me to sing, so she took me to the church-choir. Since then I have never been known to stop.

We read that outside of music you’re an artist as well. What type of art are you creating? Also – did music or art come first, or kind of jointly?

I don’t know if I would say I’m an artist in any other way than when it comes to music, but I get very inspired by other art forms. Sometimes I paint a little, and sometimes I write a small bunch of words, but that’s only for myself.

How do you balance these worlds of creation? Do you see them influencing one another, or do you attempt to keep them apart? If so, are there any pieces – musical or artistically – that you can point to as an example?

Music is my means of expression, but I am very influenced by images, and by nature, especially this time of year. Absorbing that kind of rich presence of color is something that really influences my music. I think that I’m trying to recreate things that I’ve seen through sounds.

The area you’re coming from has such a rich presence through art right now. What’s it like to be a part of the community, and what types of collaborations can from that?

I come from a very small place, and I suppose it’s a way of dealing with the slowness. I live in Stockholm now, but a lot of my collaborations still comes from that small town. I met my producer and friend György there when we were teenagers. I don´t know if I can answer the question in general, but I have always been surrounded by creative people, and I’m very glad for that.

Going through the EP, “Heavy Heart” feels so light, never getting ahead of itself or becoming weighty, but you can tell there’s serious depth to it as well. How did the balance for that track come about?

I had a feeling of as I were floating, as if I were weightless. A delicate feeling of being out of reach for myself, and it made me feel very distant.

On “Shiver,” which is very aptly name, you can feel the cold just slowly taking over. Was there something you were trying to capture exactly, or is there a story to the track?

The feeling of being distant is something that exists through my EP, at least that’s what I had in mind when I wrote it. On “Shiver,” I also tried to explore the feeling of shame and of guilt. It felt like my emotions were numb, and I had to break through a foggy layer, force myself to get out of that cold armor.

And “Will You Carry Me” operates with such composure – rising and then compressing. The composition is really admirable in understanding how to strike a balance again. Do you have a particular method to how you write and create your songs?

Well I do like to work with contrasts and counterweights, but mostly I try just to capture what comes out of me.

So where do you see your art heading, especially considering where the world seems to be heading, and the negative lights that keep getting shown?

Well it’s impossible to just ignore what’s happening around you politically, but I don’t want my music to be political. Not in this case – I just want it to be what it is, carrying its own value.

When it comes to my art, I’m hoping to record a longer EP as the next big thing. I’m trying to experiment with forms, and I want to get away from the typical way of building up a pop song. We’ll see where this ends up.

And how about just in general – gigs, shows, expositions, etc. – what’s on the docket for 2017?

I’m going to release my EP XX early this coming spring and hopefully do a lot of shows. I’m also releasing the video to my song ”Will You Carry Me” on the 15th of December, made by my friend Julia Ringdahl.