Our latest video of the week is pretty freakin’ awesome. When I think of what unites my favourite music videos, a sincere and poetic visual sense usually comes to mind. But every once in a while it’s also great to see something fresh, surreal and, well, funny. Suffice it to say, Death From Above 1979’s “Virgins” ticks all those boxes.

I don’t really want to spoil too much of the video’s plot, so it’s probably best if you just see it for yourself. But what I will say is that, if you’ve ever wanted to see a group of Amish kids throw down to some hard rock, you’re in the right place. Directed by Eva Michon, “Virgins” carries an aesthetic simplicity that’s buoyed by a strong concept, strong art direction and a fully committed group of performers. I think we can all agree that those are fine ingredients for what is undoubtedly an effective visual statement. MB