With music by Niki & The Dove and directed by Rodrigo Saavedra, “Coconut Kiss” doesn’t exactly qualify as a music video, at least not in the traditional sense. Conceived as a collaboration with the Swedish pyjama brand Nufferton, it’d probably be best described as a fashion film / commercial / music video hybrid. But none of that really matters, especially not with a piece this well made and entertaining.

The narrative tells of a female character who, after a nasty fight with her boyfriend, is taken by her dog on a magical sleepwalking adventure. Craft-wise, the film is impeccably put together, with many referential elements that will bring to mind the work of other renowned filmmakers – who shan’t be named here – known for their whimsy. The song itself carries an obvious Caribbean influence, and ambles along nicely, accentuating the overall laid-back ambiance on display. “Coconut Kiss” ultimately delivers as much – if not more – whimsy than the concept and ingredients suggest, amounting to nothing less than an absolute delight.