(Photo credit: Henrik Halvarsson)

Let’s be honest for a minute – Club 8 have become a sort of gold standard for the genre and broader branches that touch the genre they’re connected to. We say genre because a track like “Lost” makes it hard to pin them down into one specifically. But put them in one, and watch the branches spurt out.

The Swedish duo’s latest single is another example of how, even after two decades, Club 8 can keep you guessing. Johan Angergård’s production starts on what feels like a distant shore. The camera keeps panning out, and you start to see the isolation as each frame out is accentuated by the well-timed synth xylophone that splatters the canvas.

Karolina Komstedt’s voice snaps you right into a trance. The delivery and style on display is a bit spooky, quite stripped down, and barren – chillingly gorgeous really. Her words focus on time and the toll it takes on emotions, connections, and feelings.

As the music switches between close-ups and panoramic views, you feel a desire to experience a connectivity with nature where you yearn for its freedom and desire for a battle between inner individualism and what the landscape may hold.