All you have to say is “closely + Novelties,” and you know where we’ll be. “Away With Me” starts off a bit moody, a bit distant, but like a bubble bursting, it heads towards the coast in a snap.

Production tricks drone and drown themselves out, but they begin to shimmer just as quickly. The harmonization of Novelties elevate your feet off the floor, and wallflowers won’t stay leaned against the concrete slab for long.

You might find yourself stomping to the beat, but it’ll be more like an advanced toe-tapping rather than something more forceful. The airy, buoyant vocals make this possible as they manage to stay just above the beat.

Closely are so coy in the way they go back and forth between the elements of air and earth. Novelties provide a levity of phosphorescent intimacy, and the guys from Toronto deliver a dark pop wall that has some holes in it that allows the light in. Watching this chess match between the two groups is pretty fun to say the least.