Sometimes the bravest thing a person can do is to be honest. What takes even more courage is to see your uncertainty and continue onward. Church of Trees, the duo of Felicity DeCarle and Bernard Frazer, does just that on “Crumbs (There’s Only Now),” an entrancing piece that operates in various movements.

A bit stop-motion at times, the track throws in some intergalactic beams of synth to build its structure. These are synths that will swoop and swirl as they slide from one side of your head to the next. Keep in mind this is while the words seem to walk alone, a bit unsure of where to turn, but they’re definitely looking.

DeCarle trusts her gut as she looks to face what lies ahead. Even when the track feels like it’s slowing, there’s still constant motion that finds itself right back in front of you. It’s this motion that captures an urgency of the here and now without being overly forceful in its energy before evaporating into the morning sun.

Eventually the potential pitfalls are turned into positives where DeCarle will make the most out of her situation. All that matters is now. You’ll be able to hear more of the now on their new EP Primitive Creatures this Friday.