(Photo Credit: Wolf James Photography)

“Kiss?” opens in an empty room with an electric chord strum that leaves you suspended in mid-air until drums open the situation up a little more. In terms of materializing a situation, it’s a well-played move by CHILDCARE, whose frontman Ed Cares wrote the lyrics after a salutatory peck-on-the-cheek went awry.

There’s a bit of a vocal back and forth with “never forget this” acting as a constant reminder of what has transpired. You have to think the situation was more of a launching pad for a bigger, more serious idea – an idea that now sees a moment frozen in time.

You keep thinking a pop is about to happen, but then it’s pulled back until about 1/3 of the way into the track. From there a steady momentum is mostly maintained as seconds in a situation feels like an eternity.

Fittingly, “Kiss?” grinds to an abrupt stop where both parties just stare, waiting for the next step. This is luckily just a brief stop, as there’s certainly more to come from CHILDCARE in the near future.