(Photo credit: Shervin Lainez)

You can’t help but fall prey to wanting to slap a 90s referential comparison on Charly Bliss that falls under a tree of Weezer or Veruca Salt. And if anyone has earned these, it’s Charly Bliss, especially with a track like “Glitter” that coolly pulls into town with a hip twisting drum tempo and lo-fi howling effects.

While on one hand you have lyrics that are completely down on one’s self, you also get a track that isn’t afraid to kick the door in. But with that, they also don’t strive for too much of a musical statement. Why? Because they’re really fucking good and understand their balance.

“Glitter” will go just high enough to land softly when needed to. Tears might be flowing in the words, but that’s not going to stop a bedroom dance party from breaking out. And why is this happening? The one sentence synopsis behind the song – going slowly crazy from being in a relationship with someone so much like yourself that there’s simply no escaping you or your personality.

In spite of an inability to find the freedom from one’s self in a relationship, you’re met with a bubblegum indie pop-rock track that is so tightly constructed that the term “bubblegum” seems almost simplistically insulting. Really, we’re ready for Charly Bliss to just absolutely own 2017. Pre-order they’re upcoming album Guppy here.