“Fool’s Gold” finds Atlanta duo Chapel putting aside their indie-pop leanings for a post-emo direction. The track flutters in and out while introducing a well-paced drum that bubbles with a welcomed energy. It all sounds positively endearing the way we’re presenting it right now, but there’s no avoiding the subject matter at hand.

A past flame is looked at directly. Questions are being asked about whether it was the decisions of Carter Hardin or actually the former partner that led to the end of it all. It seems to not really matter in the end, as the best way to cope is offer a “to hell with you.” This is delivered over a chorus that jettisons the weight of the song and soars to unreal heights.

Stress is compounded though, regardless of how high things seem to fly. An expert level of tension and anxiety is built up before a final pop, a pop that lingers as the right way to move on is searched for.