(Photo credit: Etienne Dufresne)

“Leave the Lights On” is a song about trust, allowing one’s self to open up, and learning from the world and the experiences around you. In the words of the group, “The song is about trusting that you’ve got some things to learn along the way from the connections in life that may be fleeting yet beautiful.” Sage words when a gut instinct often recommends safety.

The Montreal trio open the track with kind of a frantic pace, ever lightly so, with a bit of a twitch that comes from various angles – a very light, airy panic. All of this movement collides in the middle for a heavenly convergence of sound, even if it is very briefly at times.

You can hear these expansions and contractions as you’re pulled in a variety of directions but always smiling while admiring the golden, atmospheric tones the entire time. You’re pulled into this state of observing even the smallest of moments and gestures, really lifting one’s self to a higher level through connection and communication.

Lush but focused, “Leave the Lights On” is like an interpretive dance that ends on one last blast of glowing energy before disappearing into a pulsar.