(Photo credit: Jess Flynn)

Plum Records came about from the band Cayetana wanting to control their creativity and artistic expression. Flexibility without wanting to compromise their art was cited during a talk with NPR. What’s more punk rock than that? You can mark the occasion of the release of New Kind of Normal (out May 5th) by pre-ordering the album from the label’s site.

“Mesa,” the first single off the upcoming album, blooms with tangible power and fuzzy pastels. If the video is an indication, you can’t help but get the feeling that the song encourages finding one’s self. Musically, it feels positively effortless, but you can hear conviction and passion in each note, so saying it’s “effortless” almost feels like a contradiction.

“We can only hurt ourselves so long” can be heard two different ways – fluid, or with a pause between ‘ourselves’ and ‘so long’ – but the meaning is the same. Only so much damage can be done before you realize it’s time to dig up and kill whatever roots you might have already planted. Something beautiful simply cannot be created where something is already dead.

It’s one of those tracks that we enjoy so much that we find ourselves dancing a little too much when we should be putting pen to paper. We’re hooked on the honest conviction to understanding exquisitely hued punk rock.