Capture’s “No More” is dark, but not exactly pitch black. The Melbourne based producer likes to live in the grey area here with a synth that’s measured and observant, turning up the beat and pacing at just the right moment to properly introduce the track to the world.

Providing vocals for the track is Lover (Bee Virginia). Her voice provides a sultry quality to the track – you see just her eyes in the lights of these particular setting as they stand watchfully. The interludes are like streetlights in a city you’re new to, so maybe she’s looking out for this particular transplant.

This provides a slight bit of safety, but you can still only see enough so that you’re still a little nervous. That’s when Capture turns up the grime and grit a bit. This makes the reprieve of a pending light that much more welcomed. While all of this is happening, a slow waltz of attraction from Lover’s words is danced.

Cravings arise, but there’s nothing hurried about this ritual. Maybe the grey isn’t so dark after all.