Our old pals in Captiva are at it again. This time it’s the third single off their upcoming debut album Pay No Mind. Continuing to venture out and grow their sound, “So Psychedelic” is mellow enough with its late night discotheque feel.

Guitar rhythms have you on the floor while the single drips with fluorescent blues and purples reminiscent of a club from the mid-80s that couldn’t have existed without that thick, glass panel décor. With the words, you can feel the tension of the situation. It’s not necessarily a cat and mouse game, but you can see a back-and-forth happening.

Pulsating with a certain electricity and imploring one to seize their moment, it allows the listener to be the energy. “So Psychedelic” is a nice leap in polish and precision, and you have to think about what’s next for the Kansas City group. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.