When we caught wind of Captiva releasing a video for the superb track “Road to Ruin,” we had a slight tinge of worry when it was also mentioned it might be their last release for a bit. Luckily that feeling quickly subsided once we talked to the guys. We got into what went into the song as well as what the future holds following what has been an exhilarating past seven months after the release of their self-titled EP.

So how have things been since the release of the EP?

Crazy. We immediately saw a MAJOR growth in support. We packed our first headlining show of 2016, toured with The Expendables, recorded a session with Daytrotter, and have been given countless opportunities to bring our music to new faces and new places. What a wild ride it’s been so far…

You mentioned “Road to Ruin” was tracked with all four members of the band in the same room. Were you worried about putting it to a video and possibly losing a little bit of that raw element?

Initially, yes. But we trust everyone we work with and could never doubt anyone’s ability to turn nothing into something. The audio turned out great, and being paired with such an honest and amazing video, we couldn’t be happier with the end result!

Related to the song, it kind of sounds like a collision of Band of Horses and Arctic Monkeys Favourite Worst Nightmare. Was there anything in particular you all were channeling or into when writing it?

Wow! That’s a huge compliment for us. We are fans of Band of Horses (Hank cries whenever he hears “Funeral”), and Arctic Monkeys are badass. Back to the question — we really channeled each other’s emotion when we wrote it. That sounds cheesy, but the writing process for the entire record was one of the most magical experiences we’ve had as a group. Countless days/nights were spent writing, re-writing, writing, and re-writing. Our goal was to bring a new sound to the table and to redefine ourselves to those who have supported us thus far. We just want to play kickass rock music.

How did the concept for the video come about? It was nice to see a familiar story done from the viewpoint of a completely unfamiliar character.

We were actually preparing to headline our first touring gig in Columbia when the directors came up to us and began telling us about their brand new idea for the video. Since we had full creative control over the song itself, it seemed fitting to give all of the control to the directors for the video because that’s what they do best. The whole story behind the song/video is really a tale of one who is lost in their youth, attempting to balance reality with love and aspiration… and the many evils that may entail.

In the video you get a sense of attachment, melancholy, and potential for closure and moving on with the characters. Do you see the song as going through the same stages of a relationship as well?

Most definitely! The video fully encompasses the idea we had when we first wrote the song. It portrays the many experiences a lover and a dreamer might have. The “novelty” of both love and aspiration can never wear off, which is what makes it so beautiful, yet so evil at the same time. We hope that the song has the same lasting effect in people’s lives.

And with the EP now six months old/young, do you all have any future plans right now? Or are you just kind of letting it play out and see how to ride the wave from there?

We’re headed back to the studio, and we’ve got a few shows coming up. Lots of exciting stuff on the horizon. To be honest with you, Joey, this has been a dream. We’d like to express our thanks to everyone who is helping make our dream a reality. Every show is a journey, every song is a story, and every fan is a blessing. Stay buzzed.