This is a debut single?” That was our first thought when we heard Callum Pitt’s “You’d Better Sell It While You Can.” I’m sure Pitt has worked on a lot, but this as his introduction to the world? This is heavy duty stuff.

The single opens on a jaunty, ambling stroll down a warped alt-folk environment. It’s a ray of sunshine that opens the curtains to life in the form of a falsetto. Too often the mere mention of falsetto would evoke a slight cringe, but we’re talking about something that is so natural here, a la Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes, as it just appears without a helping hand.

Rolling through the walls, the drums up the level of energy possessed by the track. There are various movements and transitions within the track that might not traditionally fit together, but these blend so well here. It seems to hold at its base a meaning of doing what you can in the face of unending obstacle, even if it means just being present.

The falsetto waxes and wanes, and a natural singing style carries the track as it bounces around to something more bombastic before shuffling off with structures that have us thinking about the Avett Brothers as well. Wherever it’s headed, we look forward to hearing what’s next.