If we were to cast a wide net over Byrn’s “The End,” we would summarize by saying it’s like a Eurythmics track at last call after a particularly rough night. But let’s dive a little deeper.

Danny McBride Jr.’s production starts the track off with a deep plunge. It’s a melancholic dip that disappears and eventually resurfaces while it begins to float in a world of grey. Initially it seems as if this is about a clear end, but we’ll come back to that. What is clear is that her voice confidently manages a seemingly crumbling situation as it cuts through the static of the single.

Byrn takes the weight of the track and manages to bring an airiness to it while the production never moves faster than the occasional burst that’s needed to match her rhythm and dynamic. It’s a tempo that understands its fit in the song, and that place is nestled nicely behind her voice. It’s a voice that, by the end of the track, seems to create anything but an ending. Questions are left hanging, and the story loops back to what might actually be a beginning.


“The End” is the first of six planned songs from Byrn in 2018.

Photo credit: Taua Baccarin