“Living on the Outside” opens with ramshackle power strumming that is quite effective in the way it sends chills through a drizzling, misty landscape. It’s the perfect introduction to an anthem confidently dedicated to those who wish to tear you down.

You get a tambourine casually attached to the track, like a perfectly timed afterthought, and all the while you know you’re going to power through the negativity. Then, with a crashing authority, the percussion is a resuscitating breath into your lungs.

As the name would indicate, “Living on the Outside” is for those who live on the brinks of life by doing things their own way. Even with that freedom it still can’t help but succumb to its own weight at times, but Bruno Martini manages to stick his hand above the darkness to pull the track back up.

Coupled with a video that’s an ode to togetherness, camaraderie, and nights that are both good and bad, “Living on the Outside” is really onto something. And it really sounds like Martini is onto something. Let’s see where this goes.