There’s so much to love about “Catch Me.” The new single from BRÅVES is catchy and empowering on its own merit, but when you layer it with its music video, the whole atmosphere is elevated. Back to the video in a minute though.

Something holy is present with an echoing choral quality to the background of the song. The LA trio play it nice and even with a few sputtering twitches. Then the big bang happens.

With words meant as a declaration of freedom to be yourself as joyfully and honestly as possible, the chorus has you stomping your feet with a fist in the air. “Catch Me” is an exhibition of liberation urging anyone who may feel trapped to leave the weight of the world behind them.

Directed by band member Johnny What, the video features disability rights activist Dr. Victor Santiago Pineda and actor Matthew Lillard. It features a series of vignettes, dance routines, and various interactions between the two – think of it more as a performance art installation than a traditional video. It’s captivating and will leave you thinking.