While the guitar on Bleeder’s “If You” seems trapped in an isolated state initially, it seems like this private chamber has also been granted access to Sebadoh and certain cuts from a Buzz-era MTV. A door is eventually opened, and that guitar walks right in on snapping drums and a sleek bass movement.

The song, which is from Bleeder’s self-titled album, encapsulates a desire to truly live and the struggle to do so – striving for more, but being met with a force against those wills. It’s an album that adds to lead singer Shelby Smoak’s memoir Bleeder. You can read more about it to fully understand the complete message much better than we could manage to discuss.

Back to the room – the vocals more than hold their own in a chamber that blends lo-fi with an echo that could fill an arena. These are vocals that provide lines like, “If you have a dream… then you close your eyes,” words that search for an escapism.

It’s an escapism that would allow for you to at least have a hope and possibility to achieve something more, even if it’s through the wonder of imagination. Moments will pick up before edging back, like getting excited before realizing what’s actually in store. It’s immense, and it’s an experience worth living through the entirety of the album. Check it out now.