With drums that land on you like a ton of bricks, Bitch Falcon’s “Syncope” lands on the scene. The guitars are made partially out of sledgehammers, and you can’t help but fall in love with the snarling, curled lip delivery.

Bitch Falcon deliver a punch to the stomach while they’re smiling because it was definitely deserved. In the lyrics, you get an unrelenting wrecking ball that swings and swings away. And things just gather momentum as the Dublin trio keep moving.

The video, which is directed by Kate Dolan, brings you into a pulpy world that is nicely modernized and sleek. It follows a band of four ass-kicking women who aren’t afraid to let folks in the neighborhood know who calls the shots. That is until one of their antics gets a bit out of hand, and they’re left to handle the consequences.

Brace yourselves. You’re definitely in for a ride.