(Photo credit: Shervin Lainez)

You know, we were just getting over the incredible 2016 release that was Big Thief’s Masterpiece. It was still popping up in a regular rotation. And then they went and announced a new album, Capacity, will be out on June 9th. What did we do to deserve such acts of kindness?

“Shark Smile” is the latest single from the album. It has a feeling of rubbing your eyes and providing just a little jolt to kick-start yourself. Given the immense story behind the single, a jolt is needed.

Honestly, it’s pretty damn tragic – Adrianne Lenker said the song is about a car wreck where one person dies, and the other wishes they had gone on as well. This tale is matched with a well-maintained steadiness from the rhythm section of Max Oleartchik and James Krivchenia that holds everything as tightly as possible.

The words dive into the intimate, haunting details of the final moments between the lovers while a budding guitar looks for the perfect moment to step forward. The pacing of the track is all about the journey – one that ended much too soon.

By the end, you can picture this person sitting on a bench as the sun sets in the background while they soak in the world and contemplate the why’s that lie within. And each refrain will come back to wishing they could have joined their partner.