In our latest video of the week, soul singer Benjamin Booker stars in a prescient and thought provoking story with the issue of civil rights at its heart. “The Future Is Slow Coming” is essentially a short film featuring the songs ‘Slow Coming’ and ‘Wicked Waters’. In the film’s first half set to the sounds of ‘Slow Coming’, Booker croons his message in smooth, elegiac tones, almost lulling you into a sense of calm while in juxtaposition, the visuals slap you in the face with images of simmering conflict and grave injustice.

When ‘Wicked Waters’ kicks in after the film’s halfway mark, the overall tone morphs into something far more combative, resilient and even hopeful, with just a dash of suspense thrown in for good measure. Suffice it to say, the whole piece is composed beautifully by director James Lees, with a grainy, cinematic quality designed to reflect a time now past but still fresh in our minds. If you only watch one thing today, let it be this. MB