Always get there in time to see the opener. That should be a mantra for every ticket you buy to a show, large or small. While we were unfamiliar with the work of Bea Troxel, and almost forgetting about the show until a few hours beforehand, leaving us unable to do proper research, we stuck to our mantra. What transpired was one of the most unexpected surprises we’ve had in a while.

Playing to an intimate crowd at the Underground Bike Shop in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania while opening for Sons of an Illustrious Father, Bea Troxel held the room with precision and power with a guitar and voice. Well, voices, as roommate and occasional collaborator Christa Cohen provided exquisite harmonies when needed. Troxel will be relocating back to her native Nashville soon to work on new material, but we wanted to give a quick run through some of her work.

The first is “Delta,” whose fluid chords command the scene immediately. Troxel’s voice, mixed with harmonies, delivers reverence with striking temperance. Her words utilize the mythology of a place serving as the Promised Land with a fresh update on the idea. At times, “Delta” barely makes it above a hush, and it insists on holding your focus.

Next is “We’re All Dogs.” Troxel holds a calmed sense of urgency that comes from potential regret for events previously transpired. Her music pauses, resets, and gains composure before gaining steam. It appears to hold at its core not finding connections, and the willingness to let go. It’s quite compelling, whatever the subject matter.

Bea Troxel has an extensive Soundcloud. Dive into it, and we’ll be here to let you know when her new material is finished.