“Johnny Pt. 2” is Basement Revolver’s sequel to “Johnny,” a track that had no problem in diving directly into the toxicity of a relationship.  Where Johnny dealt with the rockiest of moments, its sequel looks at a now dissolved relationship with a different perspective.

The song walks right into a contemplative tone. There’s oneness with the sound and the great expanse that this is metaphorically heading into. As the drums move at a slow gallop, hungering to break free, the bass has a tether that connects the past with this desire to pull away.

As Chrisy Hurn explained, the lyrics are about attempting to build a bridge after a relationship has ended. Even though friendship wasn’t possible at that moment, she wanted the other person to know that she was still there. Her delivery is one that can only come with reflection and an honest look at self.

As the fallout unfolds before the listener, a separation begins and the wounds slowly start to heal. Is this the end of the story though? Are there still cracks to be filled in this saga? Maybe their new EP Agatha, which is out July 21st, will answer those questions.


Album art credit: Christina Hurn
Band photo credit: Yoshi Cooper