With time we’re sure more information and details about UK-based Bandini will come out. Until then, let’s just enjoy what we’ve been given in “Little Room.”

Bandini’s minimal approach of voice and guitar forces you to pay strict attention. His chords attach themselves to you and hold you intently as he begins to open a book on his past. The imagery starts with what is intimate and finite (a candle), yet there’s also imagery that is given to all and infinite (the night).

On a very personal track where the light is offering companionship when loneliness takes its toll, you sense the influences of Elliott Smith and Sparklehorse as well as peers like (Sandy) Alex G. The memories are then scrolled through – a lengthy tale with many parts, all equally riveting.

Former loves, grandparents, and a busker he used to see who provided him with a constant in his life are all mentioned. “Little Room” holds you until the very end, and if there are fluctuations, they are as small as possible. Who knows what is next from Bandini, but we have no doubts that we’ll be captivated once again.