(Photo credit: David Waldman)

At its core, “Exo” looks at an antagonist who gets overly defense when their privilege is called out. This is of course rather reflective of the current political zeitgeist we inhabit. There’s the desire to fight rather than reflect, to engage in conflict over conversation.

In the music, Bad Channels overpower this negativity with a bright, blistering track that you’re going to enjoy basking in the glow of. You see the sun approaching, closer and closer, but you don’t care because the vibes are just too good.

In a world caught between the sonic lo-fi of Slowdive and the searing 80s gorgeousness possessed by Siouxsie and the Banshees, with the band’s vocal clarity comes an assertiveness and strength. “Exo” is the long nights that start with the simmer of a sunset and end with the welcomed presence of orange across the horizon.

Lyrically, well, the road is long, but it’s a discussion worth having.

You can pre-order Exo from Buzz Records now. It’ll be out June 9th.