Arbitraire have returned, and this time they’re splattering the walls with a bucket full of brighter tones than what you’re heard thus far. “Youreality” has a different feel, but the common threads that make the trio who they are still exist.

More mid-90s dance club inspired, Arbitraire have a lot more strut, confidence, and clarity to their production. The words are looking to find a space and time for the ‘this’, but what exactly is that? Personal, societal, something bigger?

You can hear some global influence to the rhythm while droplets of golden synth rain in before the chorus enters. Our main character is seeking signs and guidance while forming experiences. They fight outside forces that want to squash their natural urges, desires, and preferences, and they do so without flinching.

Hoping for a sign, the protagonist just has to figure ‘this’ out for themselves. But Arbitraire will back them up – fighting against the grey matter while pushing a glowing energy from the palms of their hands.

*Cover art photo credit: Laura Elibol