Anna Rose

Anna Rose has been standing out and constantly building momentum for a couple of years ago. It was her cover of Arcade Fire’s “My Body is a Cage” that helped get the word out, but it’s her recent single, “Start a War,” that has us anxious for the future, and you can see her new video for the single below. Rose will be releasing her EP Strays In The Cut soon, and if the recent release is any indication, the best is yet to come. In spite of what’s shaping up to be a very busy 2016, Anna Rose was nice enough to take some time to talk with us.

A lot of your older tracks have a massive bravado and swagger to them. What was it like to change gears for “Start a War,” and what can we expect from the sound of Strays in the Cut?

To be honest, there have always been ballads on my albums, I just decided that this song was going to be released first off of Strays. “Start A War” is a song with a strong message, and it felt right to let this music have its moment. Trust me, though, the swagger is still alive and well on Strays In The Cut.

You’ve mentioned that you prefer an open interpretation to your music. As an artist who is involved with everything, do you find that to be more freeing, or is there ever a bit of worry about how something could be misconstrued? Well, music is inherently subjective, right?

The way I think about it is that once it leaves my hands and goes out into the world, it’s not really “mine” anymore. Yes, as the songwriter and as the artist who performs the music, the song belongs to me legally, and it feels personal to me, but my most sincere hope is that whoever is listening attaches their own feelings and memories to the music.

It seems like the stint in Nashville was pretty shaky for you. How were you able to cull the negative vibes to harness them into a positive energy?

Writing music has saved me so many times… this was definitely one of them. Any time I feel lost in the world it brings me back. Nashville was actually a really inspiring place to be during this time in my life; being around so many songwriters felt comforting.

We’ve actually seen it and heard it from artists (and friends) who just get creatively stuck by their surroundings. Do you have any advice what worked for you to break out of it?

I think it’s different for everyone, but if I’m stuck on a song it’s usually because I haven’t been writing very much. Just like practicing an instrument, songwriting requires practice and dedication. There are those rare moments when a song just falls out of me, but usually it takes a lot of work to get to the moment when a song feels complete.

One thing that it seems like is you’re pretty fearless on your sound, whether fully plugged in or more subdued. Where do you channel that from? It takes some serious guts to cover Arcade Fire and put it on the internet.

That’s a big compliment, thank you! I don’t think I’m entirely fearless, but I try to make music that feels good to me despite what the perception may be on the other side of it. I have the honor of playing with some amazing musicians and working with an incredible team of people who don’t try to fit me into a box. For that I am very, very grateful.

Finally, after the EP is released, what’s next? Tours? More recording? How can we stay up-to-date on Anna Rose?

Once the EP is released there will definitely be a lot of touring! You can find all of my tour dates, photos, videos, news etc. on my Facebook page –