(Photo credit: Will Richter)

Andrew Rinehart knows how to keep himself busy. In addition to studying Psychology for graduate school, he’s busy working on a full-length album. How he finds the time, we don’t know. But he’s enlisted the help of Louisville producer SEE TAI, and we’re glad he’s finding this time.

Rinehart mentioned “Protect” acts “as a kind of protection spell against sociopaths.” Though written two years ago, this track couldn’t have surfaced at a more fitting time. Some Kraftwerk era of new wave industrialism is toyed with, and at times, things feel mechanized, haunting, and ominous.

Someone is always going to be looking to guide you astray while ruling over you, so “Protect” is a reminder to himself and appeal to others that they need to be vigilant against this. Watch out for yourself; watch out on behalf of your community.

Eventually the production leaves this monochromatic setting and escapes to an earthy-toned surrounding. It’s chasing this luminescent orb guiding it to safety as words repeat themselves like a mantra. It’s unknown if safety is fully achieved, but it is known that he’ll remain watchful.