You can really picture the hues of the world “Nobody” is set in – deep purples, the darkest of midnight blues, and smoky greys. And when the drop happens, coupled with the deep bass of the backing vocals, tingles happen.

It’s all fitting for a track that is, as Alxxa put it, about a discussion amongst friends regarding herbal remedies and how certain things just weren’t working as well now that an ex was out of the picture. The production then turns towards a sputtering, stop-motion movement where you’re not sure where to look.

While the background of the story was clearly stated, you can’t help but see the metaphor go so much deeper. The drugs could easily be passion and moments of connectedness as well as the beats add layers and pieces to give depth but also compound the sensations that are fleeting.

The inhaling doesn’t give a proverbial life anymore. And while “Nobody” is okay with openness and a little bit of light, it all gets swallowed up as quickly as it sees a clear exit. We’re interested to see how things may escape that in the future.