Gregory Hoeppfner, who produces under the name Almeeva, has a varied musical past. We could traverse all of those paths, but let’s look at the here and now. “Some Revelation” starts off dazzling and fluttering, and by the end, you’re left with an ephemeral feeling.

Hoeppfner notches up the rhythm in a way that lulls you towards the beat. Machine gun timpani lights your way. The production has snaps, is sprinkled with claps unexpectedly, and only occasionally lets some air into the room for a transitory break.

Lyrically, you’re expected to understand yourself and what’s in your head before seeking a deeper understanding from the outside world. His voice is one that doesn’t necessarily spar with the production, but it does battle for dominance as passively as possible.

The energetic pace doesn’t really let up, and the light of it all only becomes that much more blinding as the climax of the track is reached. We’ll see where the energy takes us as he releases Unset on April 19th. You can pre-order it now from his bandcamp.