SoundChips began as a place to discover new music. When we launched the site back in 2013, the focus was predominantly on showcasing new and emerging artists from around the world, as well as featuring interviews and reviews of new songs, albums and music videos. You will of course have noticed that the site has been basically dormant since mid-2018, and that’s because we all basically got sidetracked by the other priorities in our lives – in particular Joey with his move to Boston and his new job, and me with the increasingly necessary focus on my filmmaking career.

(Photo credit: George Coletrain)

In the time we’ve been away the rest of the original team – Nneka, Anna and Jenn – have moved on to other things, and we wish them well. While both Joey and I have other priorities too, we still feel like this platform is too good to just let go and give up on. And so we’re gonna try and get the site going again, but with a new mandate and a new direction less beholden to new artists and new music. As a way to incorporate broader types of content and to cover more societal and socio-cultural issues – the kind of issues that we’re now interested in – SoundChips will be from now on positioning itself as a place for social, cultural and critical commentary inspired by music. So what does this mean exactly? Well, it basically means that we’re freeing ourselves up to talk about pretty much anything we feel like, as long as it’s connected to music in some way. And importantly, we will be inviting anyone else who would like to take part in the conversation to do so as well. The hope is that this platform can become a safe space for incisive and constructive conversation and commentary that is rooted in music and pop culture.

(Photo credit: Nicholas Green)

As the first step in our new phase we will be continuing with ‘How We Live Now’, the series of short films exploring the importance of music in people’s lives that began with Ghosts over a year ago. Its follow up ‘Belong’ will be launching in a few days, along with an interview with the film’s subject, artist Richard Streitmatter-Tran. Beyond that, we’re gonna be trying a lot of new things, and seeing what sticks and what doesn’t. We hope you’ll stick around for our little experiment, and above all else, we promise to always keep it interesting.