Marc Oller’s ‘All My Loving + Davey Crockett’, for The Parrots & Hinds

Directed by Marc Oller, ‘All My Loving + Davey Crockett’ from Spanish rockers’ The Parrots and Hinds is structured rather cleverly in a short film format. The video opens with The Parrots performing “All My Loving”, accompanied by beautifully grainy and textured visuals that perfectly capture the raucous energy of the song and performance.

The second part of the video features Hinds performing “Davey Crockett”, with much of the same sort of energy as the first half, and some added whimsy to boot. You simply can’t ignore the video’s youthful and carefree vibe, a vibe which to some might seem somewhat grating, and maybe even calculated in a Levi’s ad sort of way. But I say, when a video looks and sounds this good, why overthink it? Just sit back, and enjoy.

18.10.2015 / by Dillon M. Banda