An interview with Westkust

Westkust’s brilliant album Last Forever debuted earlier this month and we managed to catch up with the band’s bassist, Hugo Randulv. We asked everything from where the album was recorded to plans for a European tour.

You’ve made an album that is completely different to what’s coming out of Europe at the moment. What, musically, draws you to the genre?

What has drawn us musically to anything we do is basically just a mix of all the different kinds of music that we like. We have never had any intention to be a band that plays music that just fits into one type of genre. People talk about us as a shoegaze band but that has never been our intention.

Last Forever is quite brief but really powerful. Was that a conscious creative choice?

I don’t really know. I mean, the songs that we have has all ended up on the album. We didn’t have a lot of songs and then sorted out the ones that we wanted on the album and ditched the others. But when we write our songs we strive to get som sort of energy and nerve in our songs. We want them to be as direct as possible. And we like to play fast as well…

Where was the majority of the album recorded?/Does that affect the sound?

We recorded the album here in our hometown Gothenburg in Sweden. We recorded it with a friend of the band, Rickard Hallin. I don’t know if it has made any impact in how the record turned out in the end. I don’t think so.

How long did this album take to write and record?

The album took quite a long time to record, due to a lot of different things. Mainly illnesses and other unplanned stuff that came in the way. And maybe a little bit of laziness. The writing process has also been quite long. Many of the songs on the album have been with us in one way or the other since some time around the start of the band.

Any plans to record on the West Coast?

The album is recorded on the west coast! The Swedish west coast.

What, other than music, inspires you guys?

Basically everything that you encounter in your everyday life. The search for some meaning in your environment.

Which track on the record are you guys most looking forward to playing live?

Personally I like to play “Another Day” the most right now, and maybe “0700” aswell. Those things changes all the time!

Any plans to tour this across Europe?

We have been talking about it and probably will go on a Europe tour some time in the near future.

We obviously missed a trick with Swedish indie rock. What’s the best thing about the scene there in terms of camaraderie and obviously musical output?

We are all from Gothenburg and I have no idea about how it is in the rest of Sweden. Gothenburg has always had a really good underground and indie scene in many different types of music. The scene right now is really good with all the bands around the Luxury record label. Everybody pretty much knows each other and get along really well. It feels like the scene in Gothenburg is more interesting now than it has been in maybe ten years or something. I’m really looking forward to see what will come out here in the next couple of years!

20.07.2015 / By Joey Smith