Westkust may be from Sweden but they’re kicking ass and taking names when it comes to west coast inspired rock. Cacophonous and unencumbered, Westkust manage to capture the feeling of the summer after college spent unemployed and hopeful. This month, the five piece are releasing Last Forever on Run For Cover Records and it’s a real win.

Westkust tap into the secret that is the female lead vocalist. Like Best Coast and Metric before them, Westkust find real power in their female vocalist. Julia Bjernelind strikes a nice balance between dreamy vocals and somber delivery--landing squarely in the mid-2000s (in terms of style).

“Swirl” is a great primer for the entire record. It slips casually into “Dishwasher”, a track which also builds important framework for the rest of the album It's uncanny how much this Gothenmberg based band channel west coast rock. They may not own the genre but they certainly have a firm (almost academic) grasp of it.

“Jonna” is another nostalgic piece, feeding into the wistful foot tappingly catchy “Summer 3D".

The songs on Last Forever  are snappy and don’t tend to linger. “Easy” is an exception to that. It takes its time, creating drag with a persistent and slightly slower paced guitar paired alongside heavy, insistent drums. The results call back The Cure or even a hazier Stone Roses in the best way possible.

With Last Forever, Westkust carve out a nice little nook for themselves. The five piece have managed to put out a near perfect record in a genre that the Swedes (and most Europeans) are not necessarily known for. At nine tracks, Last Forever rejects the pre-requisite filler tracks and goes straight to rocking out. If you buy any record this summer, be sure to make it Westkust’s Last Forever. NI