SaskwatchMelbourne’s Saskwatch have been strengthening and growing their soul leaning rock for a few years now. Their latest single, “Born to Break Your Heart,” unfortunately flew under our radar when it was released, and we feel a bit sheepish after having fallen hard for their previous outings. So consider yourself lucky if you’re also new to the fold. Don’t worry though, their new album isn’t out until April 11th.  While holding true to their fondness for funk and upbeat soul, the song has a clarity and self-realization to it. Nkechi Anele’s delivery is about as superb as it has ever been. Her voice is powerful, yet stays away from being overpowering, and the blend of instruments incorporated by the band creates a flourishing image  of coyly lavish sounds. Sprinkle in the very self-aware lyrics, and you’ve got something magical going on here. JS