There’s something about music, regardless of the genre, that always brings out the inner science geek in me. What’s the formula behind a song or an artist or a band or a scene? It’s more than spreading the word. It’s more than media presence. And it’s more than just hype. There’s something to each specific genre and sound that can really excite anyone when you dig into the minutia of it all, and the most recent example is what alt-pop sensation Rozes is doing.

A lot of people think success is a “right place, right time” type of thing, but I’m not buying that when it comes to the Philadelphia native. We featured "R U Mine" not too long ago. With both tracks, you’re getting a preciseness that is unforgiving in how clinical the cuts are. You’ll hear little subtleties on each repeat, and Rozes’ vocal abilities twist and range in various directions, so you won’t be experiencing déjà vu when you keep coming across what she’s doing.

And to top it all off, the track is available as a free download on her soundcloud page. Not a bad way to experience the minutia of the track at all. JS