Oliver Wilde“Play & Be Saved” is borderline intoxicating. It comes across as divinely sent psych-pop for a genre that needs some extra life pumped into it. The single, from Bristol singer/songwriter Oliver Wilde, is a bit woozy, yet it firmly finds itself stretching for something larger. And it pays off almost effortlessly. Wilde knows when to tap the breaks, and when to let the song open up into glorious, glowing fuzzed out rock. Honestly, it’s a pretty exciting release that propels a style of music that often gets overlooked, particularly now that an electronic sound has started to flourish in the indie scene. Oliver Wilde has us thinking Women, Mac DeMarco, and Deerhunter (and the side projects of said band); all references which have us really stoked to hear more from this immensely talented artist. Be sure to add him to the long list of great acts putting out music in April. JS