Money Sign Hines

Trying to capture all of Money Sign Hines’ “$oulGlo” isn’t something you’re going to be able to do easily. You’ll go through one listen just crushing on the beat, smooth as can be, old school but modern enough to fit side-by-side with the current trends.

After that, you try to take on Hines’ flow. It’s tireless as he delivers an insane amount in the first 45 seconds. He knows he’s not going to throw his positive energy to the side, and the second verse is all about being focused; he knows what goals are right before him. And he knows you have to put your work out before you start thinking too many steps ahead.

Then, you listen to it again and again, soaking it all in and being amazed by how it all fits together. Hines isn’t stopping, even with the pace he’s keeping. Joey Smith