King AvrielSince the late 00’s, King Avriel (real name Avriel Epps) has been weaving a new narrative and writing her own story in the world of R&B and indie pop while simultaneously attending UCLA and doing some modeling as well. The LA artist proudly declares life to be a major influence on her, and you can see how her experiences have shaped her. On “Caricatures,” there’s a feeling of vulnerability, and an internal self-awareness that allows Epps to look deep inside and find a strength and poise that allows her to carry herself through the song and lyrics. While dealing with the subject matter of ending up in relationships with people who are mere figments, or whose characteristics are orchestrated fabrications, there seems to be an understanding in which King Avriel comes to terms with these continual decisions and decides to eventually put her foot down. If you search for King Avriel, you’ll find a lot of press over the last few months, and there’s a good reason why. And if you don’t understand why after listening to “Caricatures,” then we don’t really know what else to say. JS