The FlightThe London production duo of Joe Henson and Alexis Smith created waves with their last EP The Hangman. Leading up to an eventual full-length LP, the duo are releasing EPs packed full of special guests and featured artists. Their latest single, “The Sinner Inside” features Alana Stewart, whose vocal range is on a sliding scale from trembling darkness to sprawling vibrato. With a name like “The Sinner Inside,” you’d expect a more somber mood, but The Flight doesn’t let the mood dictate the tone, making for an alluring and remarkably unconventional track. At times, the words come across as a whisper before rocketing up into a force of splendor and despair. The duo aren’t afraid to pull you in various directions; a fearless maneuver that pays off handsomely. So once the EP drops on May 12th, enjoy it while you anxiously await the next release. JS