Dear Blanca

With an acoustic punk contemplativeness, Dear Blanca’s “Out of View” is deeply “mature.” We use the quotes because we dislike the term, but it’s the easiest catch all for the fuller, lusher, and very zeroed in sound to the new single. A lot of this probably stems from the source material for the EP the single comes from.

To Tell A Half-Truth, the new EP that is out on September 16th, is a posthumous collaboration between bassist Cam Powell’s uncle Scott Crane and the band’s lead singer Dylan Dickerson. After Crane had passed, Powell’s family discovered a book of poetry written during the last years of Crane’s life. What ensues throughout captures the Dear Blanca spirit with tighter instrumentation that shows the band is engaging in something deeper – not necessarily too heavy, but the wheels are definitely turning.

Dickerson sings “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live each day knowing you have honest emotion,” and the chilling imagery of stepping out of view comes through in the lyrics later on. This is exiting stage left on life, and the respect granted to Crane’s words is touching. Vocals shake you up and leave you weak kneed, but the trio shifts into the next gear as things begin to wrap up.

In a way, “Out of View” closes cinematically – a wide angle lens sees the car turn out of the frame but doesn’t follow, as it’s focused on the horizon. A fitting tribute to say the least Joey Smith