Craft Spells

When I hear a song like Craft Spells’ “Our Park By Night,” it’s like a confirmation as to why I do what I do with SoundChips. Music holds a distinct value to each individual, and for me, new music in particular helps to keep me connected – maybe make this crankier-than-a-thirty-something-should-be heart a bit softer. The Grinch had Whoville, I have indie music. What can you do?

The romance of youthful expression – whether it's a crush, your favorite spot with your friends, driving around contemplating your youthful existence, etc. – is so palatable and relatable that you can’t help but be drawn into the mellow groove of what’s being brought forth. A personal mythology of “our” place is engrained in the culture, but the intimacy of that one place where personal freedom and control seemingly know no limits is almost a rite of passage. To hear a band send me back to that time of my life with electro-woodwinds, warbled beats and suppressed falsetto...well, it just gets me.

Appearing as part of the October 30th release of the track-titled 7”, “Our Park By Night” is the perfect balance of warm and cold heading into the shorter daylight hours. JS