When you listen to “Keep Your Disease,” it’s clear that Lexie Papillion (Bloodboy) is stepping away from assumed correct decisions. These guidelines are ones prescribed by the outside forces of societal norms, and they aren’t the best for her nor others quite honestly. She is actively encouraging herself and those within earshot to turn away from such conventions in order to find their true selves.

Capturing a New Order sense of rhythm and mysteriousness is often strived for but rarely gotten so right, and Bloodboy comes as close to nailing it in the modern world as one can. Her voice initiates an acceleration of force to throw the curtains open to show fireworks going off in your front yard. It’s a voice that absolutely controls the entirety of its surroundings – the pace, your attention, the mood, tension, rawness, etc.

“Keep Your Distance” slams on the gas but can halt at the sight of red without causing whiplash. An atypical song arrangement makes the track even more alluring as it seems like a chorus opens things up, bridges are plunked into the middle, and you get giddy with where things will veer next. The single ends with a collective, organized chaos that leads to only one action – giving in to yourself. Joey Smith