Benjamin BookerIn this big ole crazy world of ours, it seems as if people are always searching for something: self-actualization, spirituality, a higher purpose. And they tend to search in various places - the open road, the church pew, the aisles of a bookstore, and of course, music. If you happen to be searching for something a little deeper, then allow us to direct you to Benjamin Booker. Booker, to use a little bit of hyperbole, may just very well be the way, the truth, and the light. His style is eye-opening, as if the pioneers of Southern-rock (Berry, Richard, Lewis) joined into a holy union with the Detroit punk scene (MC5, The Stooges) and topped it all off with a sprinkling of all-round soul. “Have You Seen My Son?” is a song for those on a lifelong journey for meaning, as he proclaims, “I’m trying to find some truth in this world; I know there’s things you won’t understand,” through a frayed resonance. You have to wonder if “Have You Seen My Son?” is a bit autobiographical, as it deals with a mother/son relationship where the son prefers finding answers rather than being told the conclusion. It chugs for about 3 minutes until blowing off into an almost quadrophonic state of noise, fuzz, grit, and heart. After hearing this track and previous single “Violent Shiver”, we’re fully on board, twisting and clapping in the aisles, ready to devote ourselves as believers. JS