AkouoIf Justin Veron had spent his time in that Wisconsin cabin focusing on electronic music and hip hop, we could see how what became Bon Iver could have easily turned into Akouo. Or maybe if James Vincent McMorrow had a little more street grit. Anyway, the Tasmanian producer Akouo has been teasing a couple new songs to get fans ready for the release of his EP Mesa on June 12th, and “Not Enough” is the latest pre-release from that EP. As the piece unfolds, you can almost hear the genre-twisting producer turning his gears to drop one style after another, constantly leaving the listener in surprise. You want some soulful vocals? He’s got you covered. Looking for an electro-funk drop to send you shaking at the knees? Akouo’s got your back. In the mood for a good jungle rhythm looped into a track that could also pass as chillwave? No problem; there’s that, too. What the final product becomes is almost audio-sensuality. This will send shivers up your spine and leave you in breathless anticipation, before suddenly coming to an abrupt halt. Well played. JS